Jetboil Personal Cooking System

The JetBoil has rapidly become a modern classic, thanks to its superb performance, which marked a change in stove efficiency and signalled a new direction for stoves, where the pot is now as important as the burner. Under the pot there’s a set of heat exchangers while the size of the pot is ideal for the burner and the result is superb, fast boiling even when the gas canister is almost finished. Piezo ignition makes firing up the JetBoil easy, while a close-fitting lid adds further pressure to speed up the boil. The stove packs inside the pot to make this a very neat option. You can also get an adaptor so that the JetBoil can be used with conventional pans; a wide cooking pan is also available. Add all these features together and JetBoil is a very flexible system for use in the field. But the big drawback is that the standard pot forms an unstable tower, so you need a little care on an uneven pitch to prevent it toppling over (a stabilising adapter is available). For best performance, use the dedicated pan set: this tall pot is only useful for brews or boiling water. Another niggle: the pot locks onto the burner, which I find irritating.

Fuel type gas
Also included dedicated pot, instructions
Packed size 18x11x11cm
Pan support diameter 9cm
Boil time (500ml) 2 min 44 sec to 5 min 10 sec
Weight 172g stove, 234g pan set (+ gas)
Made in USAVerdict
One of a new breed of stoves setting new standards of efficiency that are ideal when backpacking with simple culinary needs on the hill.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2008