Jetboil Jetboil

The Jetboil has to be one of the most efficient camping stoves in the world, and in our test it burned for an astonishing 5 hours 40 seconds, far surpassing more traditional stoves on the ‘boils per canister’ ratio. The whole thing packs down inside the mug-shaped pan too; so, although it looks quite big, the size is deceptive. And when you factor in this inclusive pan you realise it’s actually quite light too. In use, the Jetboil resembles something of a tower, but you can get a gas canister cradle to improve the stability (which we recommend). You can also get a simple attachment which allows you to use the burner with traditional pans, thereby overcoming the stove’s main shortcoming (see below). But what really stands out is perhaps a bit of a gimmick, but a good one – there is a coffee plunger which fits the cup. I mean, how stylish is that? But the biggest problem with the Jetboil is its lack of versatility: without a special adapter you can’t use it with conventional traditional pans and therefore can’t fry, or easily cook dinner for two or more. And because much of the system’s efficiency is in the design of the pan, once the adaptor is fitted the Jetboil becomes a normal stove and loses its advantage over other stoves on test. Also, standing that tall seriously reduces its stability.

Verdict: Buy it if you do lots of solo cooking and want an incredibly efficient stove, but don’t mind the reduced stability. It would be ideal for long solitary treks where weight and efficiency are key and you could take one canister rather than two.

Fuel types: gas

Also included: mug-pan, lid, coffee plunger, instructions

Dimensions: 18x11x11cm

Boil time: 3min 44sec

Weight: 178g (+238g cup)

Pan support diameter: 9.5cm

Max burn time: 5hr 40min