Jetboil Helios 2011

The best way to reduce the weight you carry when camping is to share kit and use very efficient gear. The Jetboil Helios provides by far the most efficient use of gas in this test with boil times from 2 to 3.5 minutes throughout the life of the gas. The key to its superior performance is in part due to the inverted gas canister design but also the integrated windshield/heat exchanger on the base of the pan and a broad pan that can absorb more heat. The design is also incredibly stable as it sits so close to the ground. The stove is ideal for groups up to five (according to the manufacturers) – I’ve used it in snow to feed three people and it proved ideal. When split between two people that’s around 400g of cooking system each to carry. Also, that wide pan and good flame control mean you can cook real food if you want to, rather than just heat up water for a dehydrated meal.  But you can get lighter cooking systems if you don’t need the extra performance features of the Jetboil Helios. Also, for a solo walker this may be more capacity than you need, unless you prefer the wider pan design and improved gas efficiency. The price is higher than other stoves, although this is compensated for in the long term by the savings in gas usage.

Fuel type gas
Also included dedicated pot, windshield, plate
Packed size 19x11x11cm
Pan support diameter 14cm
Boil time 2min to 3min 18sec
Weight 376g stove and windshield, 454g pan set (+ gas)
Made in USA

The Jetboil Helios is a very efficient gas stove for two or more campers that sets new performance standards for group use.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2011