Jetboil Flash 2011

Offering an integrated burner and pan design, the Jetboil Flash provides impressive boil times throughout the life of the gas canister. It’s also a very neat and compact design as the burner and gas canister can be stored within the pot, making this very easy and neat to pack in a rucksack. The most important feature of the Jetboil is probably the heat exchanger at the base of the pot as this ensures maximum efficiency. But you also get piezo ignition and a neat, locking design that securely holds the pan onto the burner. A close-fitting lid helps increase boil times too. This new Flash version has an external indicator window that changes colour as it heats up so you know how close you are to reaching a rolling boil (although it’s pretty easy to see when water reaches a boil as steam pours from the top of the pan anyway). You also get a tripod support for the gas canister to increase stability. However the Jetboil Flash is a tall, unstable tower compared to shorter designs. It is also has limited pan options so it’s not ideal for two campers. The pot locks onto the burner, which I find irritating. If you want a stove for real cooking, the Jetboil Helios is an excellent alternative for two users.

Fuel type gas
Also included dedicated pot
Packed size 18x11x11cm
Pan support diameter 9cm
Boil time 2min 44 sec to 5min 10sec
Weight 172g stove + 234g pan set (+ gas)
Made in USA

The Jetboil Flash is a modern classic for solo backpackers who want a neat and easy means of boiling water on weekend trips.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2011