Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove (2012)

The most basic stove simply screws directly to the gas canister and a pan is placed on top, and while there are many stoves that provide this simple function the Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove is extremely lightweight and also extremely well priced. At just 46g for the burner you barely know you are carrying it, and is difficult to find a lighter gas burner. There are lower-priced gas burners, but none that is as light as this. It is very easy to use, but it does not have a piezo ignition so you do need a lighter or matches for example to ignite it. The pan supports are only 11cm diameter, so this is best used with a small solo cooking pot. The pan supports fold in to the centre of the burner so this is extremely compact. There is no windshield provided either, so for the best performance it would be worth fashioning a windbreak from rocks or the Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove stove is hard to beat.

Fuel type gas
Includes plastic carry case
Packed size 7x6x6cm
Weight 46g plus fuel
Website www.highgear.uk.com



The Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove stove is the best lightweight budget option we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 201