Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove 2011

Each year stoves get a little lighter and at 46g the Hi Gear Blaze Titanium takes the record in this test for being the lightest gas stove available. But the price is equally stunning too as it’s £10 less than the virtually identical GoSystem Fly Ti. The result is the perfect choice for the backpacker who wants minimal weight at a minimal price. The design is similar to other direct-mounted stoves, but the use of titanium reduces the weight. The design is relatively minimalist too, to further reduce weight. There are three folding pan supports that extend to 11cm diameter, and the unit comes in a plastic case that could be used for storage when backpacking. The burner worked well and gave similar boil times to the other gas burners. So, despite the low price tag and low weight, this is actually a pretty good option compared to other direct-mounted gas burners. But there is no piezo ignition provided with the Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove. Also, the pan supports are slightly more wobbly and not as wide as some other designs. Like all the gas stoves, performance drops off as gas is used. If weight is not your priority, you can get lower-priced stoves with similar boil time performance.

Fuel type gas
Also included plastic carry case
Packed size 7x6x6cm
Pan support diameter 11cm
Boil time 2min 30sec to 6min
Weight 46g (+ gas)
Made in China

The Hi Gear Blaze Titanium Gas Stove just pips the post of similar stoves on price, while the weight is remarkable at any price.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 2011