GoSystem Trail Classic

This is a basic camping stove that just gets on with the job and doesn’t bother with the frills… and I love it. Its clean, simple design is easy to fathom, you get a decent burner that kicks out plenty of heat, it’s small and light and comes with a carry box containing a ‘stove first aid kit’ (O rings and a spanner and a spare burner jet), and the whole caboodle burns a canister over an astonishing 2 hours 5 minutes. You’d feel cheeky asking for this much on far more expensive stoves, and yet there’s even more – with an adaptor, it burns the common Campingaz canisters found in bountiful supply all over Europe. And there’s a 3 year guarantee. For one measly tenner, the Trail Classic is a complete and utter no-brainer. But the pan supports feel a touch flimsy and can be bent out of shape (they can be bent back again, mind!), plus the flame control is not as accurate as on more expensive stoves. Still, these are minor niggles. The biggest problem is stability, but that’s an issue common to all canister top stoves.

Verdict Buy it if you’re on a budget and need an efficient, basic stove that will be ideal for most hill-walking situations. With the adaptor, it’s perfect for European travel too.

Fuel types gas (screw-top canisters and Campingaz with adaptor)

Also included carry case, instructions, stove first aid kit, 3 year guarantee

Dimensions 10.5x8.4x8.4cm

Boil time 3min 17sec

Weight 148g

Pan support diameter 13.2cm

Max burn time 2hr 5min