GoSystem Thermo Pro

For the price you get a fair whack of camping stove with the Thermo Pro, and the speed at which it will bring a pan of water to the boil is right up there with the best. It’s extremely straightforward (apart from that windshield – see below), with three wide pan supports that click out into place with ease. That thick windshield also reflects a significant amount of heat back into the pan. the best bit is that the gas canister and the stove are separate, which gives better stability and means you can invert the canister for much better performance as it drains. Indeed, GoSystem market this common sense as a feature of this stove, even though many people will have figured it out for themselves. It also feels very stable in use.  But that windshield is a little fiddly, but it’s also quite heavy: there are much better ones on the market. It also eats gas canisters at a rate of knots. Still, perhaps the greatest drawback is the tiny burner which, while good for boiling water, means all the heat is concentrated into the middle when cooking with a wide pan or frying. The flame control is also not as good as some, and it’s quite heavy for its class.

Verdict Buy it if you want the advantages of a remote canister stove, but one with excellent performance and offering great value – this is the one to get if you can’t afford the Windpro. The GoSystem Thermo Tech (the same but without the windshield) is a superb buy at £35 and will suit anyone on a budget.

Fuel types gas

Also included carry bag, instructions, windshield, tool kit

Dimensions 14.7x6.6x1.28??cm

Boil time 2min 41sec

Weight 369g (+148g windshield)

Pan support diameter 20cm

Max burn time 1hr 18 min