Esbit Spirit Stove Set (2012)

There is nothing simpler than a classic Esbit hexamine solid fuel burner, as you simply place a chunk of the solid fuel onto your burner and light it. The system is extremely lightweight as you just need a metal frame for the fuel tablet and away you go. But Esbit has developed this basic system into the Esbit Spirit Burner Stove, which includes a normal hexamine burner as well as a methylated spirits burner, so you have a choice of fuels to use. The whole kit includes a pan support and the two burners, and it packs into the cooking pot and lid. It’s a very neat system and ideal for basic brews of hot drinks or simple dehydrated menus. Boil times when using either methylated spirits or the hexamine blocks are slow and not easily adjusted, but hexamine blocks remain usable after many years of storage so they are an ideal backup facility for when you don’t take enough meths with you and cannot find a resupply point before dinner!

Fuel type methylated spirits or hexamine solid fuel
Includes two burners, pan support and pot
Packed size 15x11cm
Weight 402g plus fuel



The Esbit Spirit Stove Set is the best for simplicity among those we looked at.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine July 201