EtaPower MF stove - Volunteer tester

Review by mountainmachine

The first thing I have to say about this stove is how quickly and efficiently it boils water.

At first I was dubious about how the small heat exchanger and windshield could have such a big impact. But there is no doubt that it does its job well.

From ignition it sounds like it has the power of a jet fighter – the boyish glee when you crank up the power and hear that wondrous sound!

It seems that in no time you can have a steaming mug of coffee in your hand and your boil in the bag dinner on your plate.

It doesn’t matter if you use gas or liquid fuel, the results are the same satisfaction and a warm feeling as you scoff your dinner, or wake yourself with a mug of coffee.

The piece of kit is easy to put together and everything is self explanatory which is just as well, as the 16 page instructions remind me of a Haynes manual! Granted only two-and-a-half pages are needed for English readers. I would suggest making a copy to take, so as to leave the manual at home, as it’ll only get damp the first time you have them out trying to find out which of the three jets are for which fuel.

It comes with a tube of grease and a useful tool with all the required bits for attaching and removing anything you’d need to on the unit.

Now what I’ve found lets the unit down is when you wish to make something which can’t be made with the one included pot with heat exchanger.

According to the instructions if you use another pot, or the included frying pan you must remove the windscreen. In which case it functions like any other multi fuel stove. This isn’t bad - just not as quick or efficient as it is when using the included pot.

It seems quite a hardy unit, the included protective bag seems to keep any scrapes etc to a minimum and with the included cloth muffles any clinking sounds from the packed unit.

My fuel consumption is also down on what it used to be on a trip with a normal gas stove.  Now if only Primus can come up with something for my car!

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