Petzl Reactik (2017)


The Petzl Reactik’s ‘Reactive Lighting’ mode, which automatically adjusts output to suit the distance to the subject, is a bonus – and with a maximum power of 220 lumens for 3½ hours in this function this is ideal for hillwalkers. Alternatively, the constant output of 40 lumens for 12 hours is great for camping. The battery is rechargeable but 3xAAA batteries can be fitted too. 5/5


The Petzl Reactik is relatively small and neat, so it easily fits in a rucksack pocket. The housing contains a main white bulb, a red bulb and a sensor, with two small buttons on the side to control functions; but others have bigger buttons. The rechargeable battery pack is inside the front housing and can be replaced with a 3xAAA battery housing. The headstraps are wide and easily adjusted. 5/5


The wide straps work well and as the Petzl Reactik is not too bulky or heavy at just 114g it is comfortable and stable on the head. The tilt mechanism is precise and secure once set. You don’t get a top strap, but I did not feel one was needed as the torch does not slip down the head or wobble. The buttons are quite small but they are comfortable to use. 5/5

In use

The Petzl Reactik nestles easily in a pocket, and its power output is ideal for walking and camping. The Reactive Lighting mode (see above) is ideal for navigation and camping in general. Getting used to how to switch between functions will take more practice than other units with less control, though, and this may mean some users would just prefer more basic functions. 4/5


You get good power output here for camping and night hikes with lots of functionality; and compared to others the Petzl Reactik is good value. 4/5


The Petzl Reactik is a great headtorch for most hillwalkers, but it may offer more lighting control than you really need or want to learn to use. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017