Lifesystems Intensity 220 (2017)


The Lifesystems Intensity 220 packs a lot of light for the price, with 3xAA batteries providing 220 lumens for 11 hours with an 85m beam, which is very practical for the hillwalker. A sliding diffuser widens the beam, while a very precise single button provides six lighting modes. The head tilts with a ratchet, but it does not tilt as far down as others. The batteries are held in a housing at the back of the head. 4/5


The batteries are easily fitted with a secure opening and closing of the battery case. The operation is very precise, thanks to a good single-button operation, and you can slide across a diffuser easily, although this does rattle a little. The ratchet is precise, but doesn’t allow the head to tilt as far as needed. Not bad, but pricier options are better designed. 4/5


The Lifesystems Intensity 220 is slightly heavier and bulkier than some options, but it feels fairly stable on the head, thanks to a wide, secure headband. However, an additional top strap would be of benefit for such a heavy torch (189g). It feels reasonably comfortable on, although it’s not the absolute softest. But overall, pretty good. 4/5

In use

On the hill the 220 lumens is really useful, and as it burns for 11 hours you have plenty of time to make your way down. You can easily change the batteries in transit if needed too. The burn time of 180 hours on 20 lumens is great for camping. The sliding diffuser to widen the beam works well, apart from the rattling! The tilt could be better, but it does work. 4/5


For its price tag the Lifesystems Intensity 220 offers very good performance, making it a clear favourite for walking and camping on a budget. 5/5


For camping and hillwalking on a budget under £30 the Lifesystems Intensity 220 is a great choice, but it’s not without some niggly drawbacks. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017