Edelweiss Blitz (2017)


The Edelweiss Blitz provides a very practical feature set. So you get 190 lumens for 4½ hours, which is ideal for navigation. The 72 lumens power is ideal for camping. The head tilt is very positive. There is just one button to switch between the power settings, while 2xAA batteries are accommodated in a housing at the back of the head. There is no USB recharging option, though, and it is quite heavy. 4/5


All features are well-designed and very practical. The operation button has a textured finish for ease of location, and it has a very positive click. The head tilt is very positive too, although others are slightly smoother to adjust; but at least it does not wobble out of position. The battery housing is impressively robust, and locks and opens with another precise button. 5/5


The Edelweiss Blitz is heavy at 195g; but on the head it does feel comfy, thanks to the batteries being housed at the rear and wide head straps that include a top strap. The lamp housing is not quite as soft on the forehead as higher-priced options, and when adjusting the stiff head tilt this becomes a little more uncomfortable. Overall however it is reasonably comfy and very stable. 4/5

In use

This is heavy and less compact than some others, so it takes up more space in a pack. On the head it performs well though, and its ease of use and power output make it very good for descending hills in the dark on full power or sitting around in a tent on lower power. The head tilt is stiff, which means it does not wobble, and that is a top priority when walking. 4/5


More power and lower weights are available for more cash, but the Edelweiss Blitz still offers a great value-for-money performance. 4/5


The Edelweiss Blitz gives good power for hillwalking and camping, with its weight being the main drawback; but great value if £50 is your maximum budget. 4.2/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017