Black Diamond Revolt (2017)


The Black Diamond Revolt is supplied with 3xAAA alkaline batteries and 3xAAA rechargeable batteries plus a USB cable to recharge them in situ. It produces 130 lumens with alkaline batteries and 90 lumens with rechargeables. You can swop batteries easily without additional fittings, and the wide headstrap is easily adjusted. Overall this offers a good set of features for general camping and walking. 5/5


The front housing is made of plastic, with one high-powered LED plus two white and two red LEDS. The back of the housing flips open to access the batteries, with a USB socket for recharging. The main power button is on the top and it’s less distinct than some. The tilt ratchet is not as smooth as others, but it does lock into place once adjusted. 4/5


The compact design and low weight make the Black Diamond Revolt comfy in use, with the wide band easily able to stabilise any movement, so there is no need for a top-of-head strap. The tilt ratchet is not the smoothest and it is slightly less comfortable to operate than others, but this is a very minor niggle rather than a dealbreaker, as overall the Revolt is very comfortable. 5/5

In use

The 90 lumens on rechargeables is ideal for camping and most walking; and 12 hours of burn time is enough for most users, but higher powers and longer burn times are even better. So on a long weekend you’ll need the AAA alkalines ready. The button on the Black Diamond Revolt is not the easiest to find and operate with gloves. A smoother head tilt would be nice too. 4/5


This is good for the price, given the power on offer and the fact that it is easy to use; but you can get more power for less cash. 4/5


The Black Diamond Revolt is a good all-rounder at a good price with good features. It will suit the needs of most general campers and hillwalkers. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2017