Trailwise Snolock Gaiter (2012)

If most of your walking is over heather or similar gear-trashing undergrowth, you need a gaiter that is extremely durable. The Trailwise Snolock Gaiter, a UK-made product, uses 12oz cotton duck canvas, a heavy woven fabric that is extremely durable. It is more than capable of withstanding abrasion from undergrowth, which is why it has become very popular with gamekeepers and stalkers as well as hillwalkers who like to walk across moors and explore less popular routes up Scotland’s Munros. It also comes in two leg lengths as well as a ‘big calf’ version to ensure it fits well. The design has a rear zip closure to protect this opening from undergrowth, and there is a basic lace cord at the top. While this design works okay it is not as easy and neat to fit as others, but once on you can forget about it. The foot stirrup is an elastic bungee cord that works best if you crimp the metal hook closed a bit to prevent it from coming unhooked too easily. These bungees do wear out but they are easily replaced. The material becomes waterproof when the cotton expands but these are clammier than other gaiters and thus they are a stiff and a relatively uncomfortable option. However, for tackling the most abrasive environments the Trailwise Snolock Gaiter is number one!

Material 12oz cotton duck canvas
Colour green
Sizes regular (40cm long); long  (45cm long); big calf (50cm long)
Weight 432g (pair, regular)



The Trailwise Snolock Gaiter was the best option for durability in our review.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012