Rohan Snowgaiters (2012)

The Snowgaiter is made from Rohan’s Barricade waterproof and breathable fabric, which the brand also features in its popular range of travel clothing. The fabric has some stretch to allow a closer fit and there is some reinforcement at the ankle area to improve durability too, but others are more robust in this area. The gaiter comes in just one size, so you need to try before you buy. The gaiter has a front zip with external Velcro and I found this easier to fit than plain Velcro options. The length was good for me (I’m 5ft 11in) and at the top of the gaiter the webbing adjuster sits neatly and reasonably comfortably to the side of the leg. The stretch fabric coupled with the ‘one size fits all’ design means these were a close fit on me, and I would be surprised if they fitted those with chunkier calves than mine. There is a webbing stirrup that is easy to adjust and replace as needed. If the Rohan Snowgaiter fits you then it is quite a good option; but the ‘one size’ approach limits potential comfort, so it is hard to rate it too highly as I doubt it will fit a broad range of people.


Material Barricade waterproof fabric

Colours black

Sizes one size

Weight 186g

Closure zip, Velcro

Length 38cm




The Rohan Snowgaiter is a stretch gaiter with a front zip but without as much ankle reinforcement as others, while the ‘one size only’ option means it may not be comfortable if it doesn’t fit.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine April 2012