Outdoor Designs Wmns Perma Gaiter 2010

The Outdoor Designs Wmns Perma Gaiter is a great price considering it’s made of eVent – one of the most breathable fabrics around. I liked the fact that the drawcord sits at the back of the leg, meaning it won’t be uncomfortable when kneeling or scrambling. A front closure consisting of a combination of a zip, Velcro and press studs means that once fitted this gaiter definitely stays in place. Even for the medium (M) size the weight is impressively light, which means you’re more likely to take them with you just in case. Unlike some models, with this one the shoelace hook was easy to fit and the specially designed narrow ankle cut (women’s version) is great for those with slimmer legs or those who wear smaller boots. However I found that the narrow cut meant the gaiter sat quite high on my boots compared with other models, which could prove a problem if fitting over wider boots. The rubberised abrasion-resistant underboot strap is not as durable as others in this test, though if it did need replacing it would be easy to do.

Fabric 3-layer eVent waterproof
Sizes M, L
Colours navy and black
Weight 250g (M)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 40

The Outdoor Designs Wmns Perma Gaiter is a breathable gaiter at a relatively low price with a few minor niggles that you could easily live with. It won ‘Best Value’ in our test.

Review by Phoebe Smith
First published in Trail magazine October 2010