Trailwise Snolock Gaiter (2012)

With a price tag that’s half that of some other options, the Trailwise Snolock Gaiter is clearly good value. It is made from cotton duck (better known as canvas), a woven cotton fabric. As it is not as breathable as some other fabrics it can get a bit clammy, but so do most gaiters, so this is arguably not a major problem. The fabric is tough and durable, and ideal for thrashing through heather and bracken. In cold weather a soaking of snow tends to stiffen them up, as they soak up water, which then freezes – and this can be a drawback for winter use. The gaiter has a zip closure at the back, and for me this made fitting them a challenge to say the least. There is a cord tie at the rear of the knee, which works, but it tends to come untied occasionally; and as it has no stretch it’s a hassle to get just the right tension. The underfoot stirrup is a bungee cord that can be easily replaced; but when I have used this design in the past it has come loose occasionally and wears out quicker than other designs.


Material 12oz cotton duck

Colours olive green

Sizes regular and long leg length

Weight 424g (long)

Closure zip

Length 45cm



The Trailwise Snolock is a traditional gaiter design made from a very durable fabric, but the features have more disadvantages for hillwalkers compared to other designs. It won ‘Best Value’ in our test.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine April 2012