inov-8 H20rizontal 2010

There’s more going on here than just hydration. This system is designed specifically to work with inov-8’s range of packs, and it wraps around the waist, which helps keep your centre of gravity low and evenly distributed. The top closure is made by Source, as are all the components, so you get the same antimicrobial properties here. As with the Source hydration pack, the water tasted great from the off. But this product is only for use with inov-8 packs, so it will have limited appeal. The bite valve has a cap but no way of locking off the flow of water, which might be a problem, and it’s not easy to clean the ends of the pack without resorting to a sterilising treatment, which inov-8 recommends.

Material Source components
Capacity 2 litres only
Weight 195g
Made in China
Stockists – tel. (01388) 744900;

If you have an inov-8 pack then moving fast and light is probably a priority for you, which means it would be well worthwhile checking out the inov-8 H20rizontal.

Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2010