Wenger Battalion III Diver 200m 2009

Renowned for its penknives, Wenger also draws on its Swiss heritage to make watches. The Battalion III Diver 200m is really aimed at divers, but it features a luminous dial that delivers good night-time visibility and is waterproof down to 200m. It’s relatively light, sleek and comfortable when scrambling and climbing. As a basic timepiece we were pretty impressed with this, and it looks and feels very good. But though the large screen is brilliantly clear, but the glass stands proud of the stainless steel casing and could easily get damaged on rockier routes.


Screen size 30mm diameter
Weight 80g
Features unidirectional bezel, illuminating dial, 10-year battery, water-resistant to 200m

Verdict: The Wenger Battalion III Diver 200m is a good, functional watch with no extras – but it is waterproof to 200m, which will appeal to anyone who wants to walk and swim.


Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine September 2009