SteriPEN Journey - Volunteer Tester

Review by Annie-Blue

I've used the SteriPEN while on several walks on Dartmoor, Brecon Beacons and on the Malvern Hills.

These trips were day walks and on each trip I filled up my Sigg bottle at least once with water from hill streams. On these occasions my initial impressions were that the SteriPEN is a light and quick way of obtaining safe drinking water.

The advantages are its weight - which is 128g with batteries - and the speed at which it purifies water (1 litre took 90 seconds).

Its ease of use is definitely a big advantage over other methods of water treatment - simply stick it into the bottle and after 90 seconds the UV lamp has killed the harmful microorganisms. 

The other advantage was that it did not change the taste of the water. This meant that on the day walks I was able to carry less water and fill up as I walked past streams. On hot days this was a big advantage.

The disadvantages are that it only kills microorganisms in the water - if the water has solid particles it does not filter them so you need to find clear water.

However, for my situation this has not been a problem. The biggest issue came on the fourth trip when I discovered the batteries had run out. When they cost £5 for two it is expensive to sterilize four or five litres of water.

On balance it's a great product that does the job that it is designed to do well. For using it in the locations where I walk it proved effective.

It easily fits into the top of my rucksack and whenever I reach a stream I can have safe drinking water very quickly. I am looking forward to taking it on a multi-day trip where it will be put through a more rigorous test.

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