Vipole HSE EVO2

These employ an oil-damped anti-shock system, which should offer a much smoother feeling in the hand, and the cushioning action is definitely an improvement on standard spring damping. Getting the anti-shock system to actually function proved to be difficult however, with the poles often remaining locked-out. They do function well enough as standard poles, and Vipole use high-resolution graphic printing on the shafts, which is good if you like the Italian look. The soft foam grips are fairly comfortable, although the harder plastic lip on the handles can chafe around the thumb and forefinger after a while. The strap adjustment works well enough, although it can slip, and the straps don’t offer any padding.

Material: Aluminium alloy
Weight (pair): 582g
Packed/max walking length: 63cm/140cm
Anti-shock: Yes
Contact: 023 9252 8711;