ViewRanger (2012)

The ViewRanger app turns your smartphone into a GPS navigator for considerably less cash than a dedicated GPS receiver. Available for most Apple, Android and Symbian operating systems, the app is free to download and includes unlimited access to web maps and satellite photos from Bing and OpenStreetMap. These maps can be used with your smartphone’s GPS receiver for real-time navigation, or they can be saved to your phone for use offline. More detailed mapping is available from the online ViewRanger Shop, and prices start from £10 for 1:50,000 for all 16 National Parks or 1:25,000 mapping of one park of your choice. Other options include the ability to pick your own areas of OS map to download, plus international mapping for parts of Europe, America and New Zealand. The My.Viewranger community webpage allows you to create, share and download routes with other ViewRanger users.

Price from £10
Computer mapping no
GPS receiver mapping no
Smartphone mapping iPhone, Android and Symbian



This ViewRanger mapping software is best for mobile users.


Review by Ben Weeks

First published in Trail magazine September 2012