Victorinox Night Vision (2013)

For the ultimate mesh between the outdoors and quality timepieces, you can’t really do better than a Swiss Army watch, in this case the Victorinox Night Vision. It’s an expensive outdoor watch, for sure. But it’s also a cheap Swiss watch: it’s made in Switzerland of Swiss bits and movement. It’s a beautiful thing, too: slick enough to wear on posh occasions, yet still an outdoor statement that’s a lot more civilised than most. It also has a ridiculously cool function that earns the watch its name: hit the illuminate button once and the face lights up in a cool blue; hit it twice quickly and a high-power LED springs to life on the bracelet and suddenly, your watch is a torch strong enough to make someone fall off their chair. Hit it three times and it starts to strobe, ideal as a distress signal or position marker. The light modes will kill battery life (the timekeeping battery is separate) with consistent use; but when that happens, it will tell you with a little red flicker at the base of the face. That steel bracelet makes the Victorinox Night Vision the heaviest watch in our test, but there’s a rubber strap version too.    

Price £450
Type analogue, battery
Weight 152g
Water resistance 50m

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine October 2013