Ventura PowerBank PB50 (2014)

Striking the perfect balance between compact size and useful capacity, the Ventura PowerBank PB50 is a certified waterproof, very rugged device the size of a Yorkie (chocolate bar, not dog) with an impressive storage capability of 5600mAh and a weight of only 146g. It also comes with a built-in torch and the peculiar addition of a red laser pointer with an impressive range, which Trail initially dismissed as a gimmick – then ended up praising after using it to trace the line of a scramble in the Langdale Pikes, and later to indicate a route on an OS map. Either way at £40 you’re getting a lot of product for the price, and its robust build makes it ideal for the rough stuff.


Capacity 5600mAh
Weight 146g
Weather-resistant? yes
Output 1 x USB 1A
Charging method micro USB
Onboard storage? yes


Buy the Ventura PowerBank PB50 if you’re good at breaking things.

Review by Simon Ingram
Published in Trail magazine June 2014