Vango Deluxe Cork Walking Poles (2012)

The handle is one of the most important areas of a trekking pole, as if this is not right then sore hands are almost guaranteed. To improve comfort, the Vango Deluxe Cork Walking Pole has a cork handle, which is not quite as comfy as a softer padded handle, but it is better than a rubber or plastic handle. The strap has a neoprene padded area as well to further improve comfort. For cross boulderfields there is a foam sleeve on the shaft, although this tended to rotate around the shaft on the pair I had so it was not as good as some other designs. The pole has an anti-shock cushion inside that can be switched on or off by rotating the pole. However on uneven ground where the tip gets jammed occasionally I ended up turning this on and off when I did not intend to and other brands have made this type of design work better. The Vango Deluxe Cork Walking Poles is heavy compared to others and the packed length is relatively long, so this is not the best pole for stashing to a rucksack. It’s quite an appealing product in terms of price, but you get a much better pole for more money.


Shaft material aluminium alloy

Handle material cork grip with neoprene padded strap

Maximum length 140cm

Packed length 70cm

Weight 640g per pair

Anti-shock cushioning yes



The Vango Deluxe Cork Walking Poles is a well-priced piece of kit, but it has many drawbacks compared to other options that are available.


Review by Graham Thompson