Vango Deluxe Cork Anti-Shock 2010

Vango set the standard for making products with remarkable performance at low prices. Their Deluxe Cork Anti-Shock are typical of the brand as they offer most of what most people want at a price that most people are prepared to pay. The pole has anti-shock built in and the handles are cork – and these two features alone are impressive offerings at this price. The handles are well-shaped and there is also a grip on the shaft that would be useful when negotiating slopes or boulder fields. The wrist loop is very easy to adjust too. As with most poles the individual sections are adjusted and locked in place through the use of an internal expansion bolt system. These are a great set of poles with good features to match most walkers’ needs. But the Vango Deluxe Cork Anti-Shock’s wrist loops are not as well-profiled and padded as higher-priced options. Also the handles are not tilted forward to optimise the hand position. The shaft grip rotates and squeaks on every turn, which is extremely annoying. The anti-shock turns on and off too easily just by jamming the end of the pole into the ground. The packed length and weight are the main drawbacks though.

Handle cork
Shaft 7075 aluminium
Max length 139cm
Min length 65cm
Weight 614g per pair
Made in Far East
Stores in the UK 71

With the Vango Deluxe Cork Anti-Shock you get a lot of features for your money, but higher-priced poles perform much better.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine January 2010