Vango Cargo 65 (2012)

Although the Vango Cargo 65 is the most affordable duffel in the line-up it’s not short of features. Its simple design comes with two solid grab handles at each end, two mid handles with a clasp and – most inventively – two stowable shoulder straps that allow you to carry the bag in the style of a rucksack. It’s nowhere near as advanced as the system on the Lowe Alpine bag, but it’s enough to make carrying it on your back a viable option when needed. When zipped up in the end compartment the straps are completely hidden and uncluttered, but are quick and easy to attach via a pair of sprung clips. The space inside is a simple and clean 65 litres, with two fabric pouches at each end and a netted pouch on the underside of the main zip-up panel. The fabric covering this panel also overhangs the zip slightly, partly shielding it from rain and abrasion. The PVC construction, with heavy-duty polyester base, should help repel water and damage from rocks or luggage racks. The PVC construction with heavy-duty polyester base should also repel low levels of rain too. The only sign that this is a low-priced bag is the basic stitching, which may not prove as durable as on the tougher fabric bags such as The North Face’s effort. Both bags weigh in at around a kilo and a half, with the Vango a mere 100g lighter.

It’s a small touch, but there’s also an ID sleeve on the top of the Cargo 65, making your bag easy to identify if the red clay colouring isn’t enough of a clue at first glance.

Priced at £38, the Vango Cargo 65 the definition of an affordable duffel, and it should do very well in most situations.


Material reinforced PVC / polyester

Size 36x59x36cm

Capacity 65 litres

Weight 1.5kg




The Vango Cargo 65 is the best budget duffel we looked at.


Review by Dan Aspel

First published in Trail magazine April 2012