Trekmates Peak Walker (2012)

The spring system on these anti-shock poles is a little stiffer than many others to begin with, but will soften up a little after prolonged use. The stiffer spring does make them quieter than some other, softer anti-shocks. The handgrips aren’t the best, using a hard plastic that can be a little uncomfortable after prolonged use, becoming a little sweaty. Grooves cut into the side help to increase grip but aren’t very comfortable. Straps are comfortable enough, using a soft webbing material. Although there is no extra padding, the material is soft enough not to chafe. They are also easily adjusted to length with a straightforward buckle and don’t slip too much.

Sections: 3

Material: Aluminium

Weight (pair): 640g

Length (packed/usable): 67/135cm

Anti-shock: Yes

Contact: 0115 9409 176;

*Published in Country Walking magazine, March 2012