TrackLogs (2012)

TrackLogs mapping is supplied in CD-ROM format – there’s no direct download option. However, what you can do online is order a customised 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 map centred around your choice of location and choose the size of the area covered. Prices for these start from £12 for a 60x60km 1:50,000 map. There are also digital versions of standard 1:25,000 Explorer maps, plus 1:50,000 Landranger maps of National Parks, regions or countries. Because all text on the maps has been catalogued, TrackLogs lets you search for any location by its printed place name. On your PC (sorry Apple users, there’s no Mac version) you can create, annotate and save routes and even view them in 3D. Getting your route into a useable format is easy. The TrackLogs software lets you transfer the data to a compatible GPS device so you can follow your route waypoint by waypoint, or print out a customised route card to carry with you.

Price from £12
Computer mapping PC only
GPS receiver mapping yes
Smartphone mapping no



This TrackLogsmapping software is the best budget PC option.


Review by Ben Weeks

First published in Trail magazine September 2012