Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bottle 2014

Stanley has been at the forefront of flask development since 1913, and the brand continues its iconic green hammertone design. The Adventure Vacuum Bottle’s screw-on cup lid is narrower and deeper than most, and easier to drink from. A screw-top seal lacks the press-button design of some bottles. But most impressive is the performance, with a 4 deg C drop in the first 2 hours and just a 14 deg drop over the 8 hour test. However, similar performance is available at a lower price.

Capacity tested 750ml
Sizes available 1000ml, 750ml, 500ml
Dimensions 8.5x27cm
Weight 509g 

The Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bottle is a high price, but it offers high performance too. It won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ award.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2014