Source Widepak (2013)

As the name suggests, the Source Widepak bladder has a wide top opening that makes filling, cleaning and drying the reservoir as simple as it needs to be. This opening is closed with a chunky ‘fold and slide’ lock that is secure, reliable and convenient, even when wearing gloves. The hose attachment is of the quick-release valve type, which enables it to be removed without losing fluid from the bladder – a feature that makes refilling on the hill a much more straightforward process and also aids cleaning. At the other end of the hose is a chunky bite valve with a mouthpiece cover. The flow of water can be turned on and off by simply twisting the bite valve, and the movement is solid and definite. It’s difficult to find fault with the Source Widepak; a hose clip and a retaining cord for the slide-lock (neither of which is included) would be nice, but neither is essential. Water from the Widepak is completely taste-free and all its features come at a good price.

Capacity 2 litres
Dry weight 176g
Material polyurethane with antimicrobial agent
Other sizes 1.5 litres, 3 litres


With all the features you’d expect from a top-quality bladder at a price that makes it great value too, the Source Widepak is an excellent choice for walkers. It won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ award.

Review by Ben Weeks
First published in Trail magazine September 2013