Source Widepac 2010

Source makes similar bladders for at least two other outdoor companies (Deuter and Kathmandu) but keeps the best design features for itself. The Widepac offers an upgraded bite valve that twists easily to allow or prevent the flow of water. It has a brilliant sliding closure that is exceptionally easy to use and very secure. You can remove the hose from the bladder with no leakage, which is really handy if you’re refilling from a stream and don’t want to remove the tube from your pack. It comes with antimicrobial treatment and it is exceptionally easy to clean. I personally prefer this kind of closure because it’s so much easier to dry out before you pack it away (dry it upside down over an empty drinks bottle). But there was a small amount of leakage from the bite valve and there’s no dedicated clip to attach the mouthpiece to your pack. It’s very difficult to fault a bladder of this quality. You can purchase slightly lesser-grade models made by Source but supplied by Deuter and Kathmandu (both also £20), so you might as well opt for this one.

Material Grunge-Guard antimicrobial technology
Capacity 2 litres (also available in 1.5 litres and 3 litres)
Weight 170g
Made in Israel
Stockists – tel. (015395) 60214;

The Source Widepac wins ‘Best Value and ‘Best in Test’ and is frankly the best option for the majority of walkers. Easy to use, easy to clean and dry and easy to refill on the hill: a great choice.

Review by Matt Swaine
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2010