Silva Trail Speed (2014)

The Silva Trail Speed is designed for running, skiing and biking, so the battery pack isn’t fitted to the headband, but instead can be worn in the pocket of a jacket. When moving fast, high power is very useful, so you get 400 lumens, which is ideal for seeing ahead along a path. The torch can be set at maximum or minimum power, and has a wide beam and a blink function. Operation is via a button on the side of the lamp, which gives a positive click when pressed and is easy to find. The tilt function is also smooth and it stays in place once adjusted. As the headband only has the light source fitted, this is more comfortable than most other high-powered headtorches because your head isn’t having to cope with the weight of a heavy battery pack. Another advantage of the Silva Trail Speed over other high-powered units is that the battery pack uses AA batteries, so you can take a few spares if needed. The overall weight is similar to those torches that can fire more power, but this unit is lower in price, so if you want more power than a standard torch this is a great option.

Bulbs 2 x high-power LEDs
Maximum Brightness 400 lumens for 2 hours
Maximum beam 85m
Maximum burn time 30 hours
Batteries 4xAA
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 277g



The Silva Trail Speed is a great headtorch for its intended users – runners and bikers – but walkers will find that lower-priced options are perfectly adequate for slower-paced activities.

Review by Graham Thompson
Published in Trail magazine February 2014