Silva Trail Runner 2010

The Trail Runner, a new headtorch from Silva, is designed for runners as the name suggests, but it should be equally at home on the heads of less speedy mountain movers. The headtorch has a high-powered LED plus a pair of standard LEDs, and together these combine to provide a wide flood as well as a longer beam for searching for the route ahead. The beam is particularly bright and smooth without shadows, making it ideal for moving on the hills at any speed as well as camping. The head rotates with just the right level of friction to hold it in place once set. The headband has an anti-slip treatment on the inside to help it grip your head or a hat. Together all these features make this a very easy-to-use headtorch while the price is outstanding for what you are getting. This is a great headtorch for general outdoor use. But the Silva Trail Runner could be even better of course. It lacks a red bulb that would be useful to help maintain night vision. A strobe facility would also be good for emergencies. There are lighter headtorches as well as lower-priced options and of course you can get headtorches with even more power.

Bulbs 1 high-power LED; 2 white LEDs
Brightness 80 lumens
Maximum beam 50 metres
Max burn time 80 hours
Batteries 2 x AA (included)
Battery charge indicator yes
Weight with batteries 136g
Made in China
Stores in the UK 50

The Silva Trail Runner’s light beam is broad, long and of excellent quality – and that makes this headtorch  ideal for many outdoor users.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine February 2010