Silva Dine Oolong 2014

The Silva Dine Oolong is a stainless steel flask that comes in a grey finish with a black plastic screw-on cup. The cap features a press-button pourer of similar design to other flasks, and this works well. The temperature performance was less impressive than other bottles in its price range, though, as it dropped by 10 deg C in the first two hours, with a drop of 24 deg C over the 8 hour test period. There are a lot of flasks around this price, and the others perform better than this one.

Capacity tested 750ml
Sizes available 750ml, 500ml, 350ml, 500ml wide-mouth jar
Dimensions 8x27.5cm
Weight 494g

The Silva Dine Oolong is a decent product, but so are many others.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine October 2014