Trekmates Peak Walker

These walking poles from Trekmates have grips with fronts that seem a bit short for comfort, and the rubber material feels unpleasantly clammy after a few miles. The straps are easy to adjust, but basic, and the edges and slider might result in a couple of sore spots. They’re heavy, too, but easy to adjust and boast a can’t-argue price. They also have anti-shock, but you can’t turn it off and it feels a little unpredictable and sticky when walking downhill.

Verdict: A brilliant price makes these a good choice if you want to see how you like poles before investing too much of your hard-earned cash.

Length: 66-135cm (three sections)

Weight: 330g

Anti-shock: Yes

Handle: Comfort-feel rubber; adjustable webbing strap

Pole: Aluminium; steel tip

Contact: 0115 956 8616;