Timex Expedition Adventure Tech

This is half the price of the best mountain watch we tested and, while it does not have quite so many features, it offers what most walkers will actually use. It’s reasonably light too at 66g, and not too ‘military’ in style. The strap is synthetic, so it will dry quickly once wet. I particularly liked the chunky buckle on the strap that looks like it is built to last. The face is rimmed with a steel ring, which should really improve durability. The buttons project from the casing, which makes them very easy to use even with gloves on. The screen is about the same size as most, and you get plenty of display information to help navigate through the functions. It is water-resistant to 50m and the altimeter clocks up to 9000m so you’ve got the essential features for walking.  The thermometer is a useful addition as are the alarms and stopwatch. This is a great all-rounder with just enough of what really counts to make it ideal for most walkers – and at half the price of the winning watch it’s got a lot in its favour. But like all the watches here, the thermometer only goes down to -10 deg C, which is annoying and could be a drawback to winter users. But the real drawback is that you don’t get a digital compass. The typeface used on the digital display is not quite as easy to read as some others. These niggles may not be enough to outweigh the obvious advantages of this watch though, unless you really need perfection in these areas.


Screen size: 27mm diameter
Weight: 66g
Features: altimeter to 9000m; barometer; thermometer to -10 deg C; water-resistant to 50m
Made in Philippines
Stores in UK: no info provided

Verdict: Buy it if you want a good, all-round hill-walker’s and mountaineer’s watch and don’t need a digital compass.