Techtrail Axis

This is one of the lighter mountain watches at just 48g, and the pale strap and housing give it the appearance of being smaller in size too, even though the screen is actually the same diameter as many other watches and the strap is the same width too. The strap is synthetic with a metal buckle and the housing is plastic. The screen is very easy to read thanks to a good graphics style; and it is very easy to navigate through the functions, due to clear on-screen messages when you switch between functions. The features are ideal for walkers as you get an altimeter that has a range up to 9000m, a digital compass, barometer and thermometer, plus the usual two daily alarms and a water-resistant housing. Most walkers will be happy with this offering. But this watch feels a lot more fragile than most others and the buttons are almost flush with the housing, which makes then a little less positive in operation. The level of water resistance is lower than others too at just 30m. When you consider the drawbacks, the asking price of £120 is hard to part with. 


Screen size: 27mm diameter
Weight: 48g
Features: altimeter to 9000m, barometer, thermometer to -10 deg C; water-resistant to 30m
Made in China
Stores in UK: 150

Verdict: Buy it if you want a lightweight, well-featured watch and are prepared to tolerate the lower level of durability and high price.