Techtrail Altitech 2

This is a mountain watch that you will either love or hate. It attaches to your shoulder strap of your rucksack and hangs down so that you can read it while walking. It only weighs 70g despite looking far heavier due to its size. The clock face is huge at 33m in diameter, making this very easy to read. The casing feels very durable and you get a good alloy karabiner too. The watch is packed with features including compass, barometer, thermometer, alarm and altimeter. The buttons are large and the operating system is easy to use. This is a good price too for what you are getting. You also get a levelling bubble to ensure that the compass reading is accurate, a feature lacking from some other watches.  But considering this is such a technical timepiece, it does have some surprising drawbacks. For example it is only water-resistant to 10m, the thermometer range is only down to -10 deg C (like most others) and the altimeter only goes up to 6000m. And you can’t attach it to your wrist of course either. 


Screen size: 33mm diameter
Weight: 70g
Features: altimeter to 6000m; barometer; thermometer to -10 deg C; digital compass; water-resistant to 10m
Made in China
Stores in UK: 150

Verdict: Buy it if you like the concept as the drawbacks are minimal, but you’ll gets some looks if you wear this on your chest in the pub.