Stormshield Latitude

Like all the best mountain watches, this has a bearable weight (72g). The strap is synthetic, so it is fast-drying and there’s a chunky metal buckle that looks capable of taking lots of abuse. The face is ringed with a metal on the front and it has a steel backplate too, making it highly durable. The screen is sunk into the housing so that metal front ring should provide reasonable protection. Around the outside are four buttons that are raised for easy use. The screen is very easy to read thanks to a clear graphics style, and this was easy to use too. The feature set is excellent with barometer, altimeter up to 9000m, stopwatch and digital compass, and the whole unit is water-resistant down to 50m. This is a rebranded Origo Trail watch but the price is much lower, which means this is packing more punch than its price might suggest.  But some other watches can claim a greater resistance to water, though 50m is probably enough for most walkers anyway. Also like most watches the thermometer only works down to -10 deg C, which could be annoying for winter or Alpine use. It is hard to know if the plastic buttons and housing are going to be durable enough, but of course an all-metal design will be more durable.


Screen size: 27mm diameter
Weight: 72g
Features: altimeter to 9000m, barometer, thermometer to -10 deg C, water-resistant to 50m
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 261; Wales 16; Scotland 22; Ireland 6

Verdict: Buy it if you want a watch with a good set of features that is easy to read, reasonably durable and well-priced as this is very hard to beat.