Source Widepac 2 Litre

Note the price, then note the feature of a rolltop end opening, which makes filling and cleaning this hydration system super-easy. Furthermore you get an autoseal link between the feeder pipe and bladder, and the bite valve has a cap to prevent accidental squeezing. This all means that there were no leaks in our test. Better still, the water taste was as good as any here. But some people may prefer a simple screw cap for filling over this rolltop design. Some of the locking bite valves are neater than the cap that has to be placed over this valve perhaps too.


Materials: polyethylene with Grunge Guard
Capacity: 2 litres
Weight: 172g
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 70; Wales 10; Scotland 5; Ireland 5

Verdict: Buy it if you want the best-tasting and most easily cleaned hydration system.