Shock Absorber D+ Max Sports Bra

Shock Absorber produces sports bras in a very wide range of sizes for low- to high-impact support. Impact level 4 (this bra) in particular is for large boobs during walking and much more vigorous activities.  Its racer back design provides cast iron-support with dual-action inner layers using Lycra and CoolMax fabrics and between-breast mesh vents for efficient breathability, wicking and quick drying. Straps are wide and cushioned with no backpack-rubbing seams and the chest band is wide and extra secure with three hooks. But make sure you get the correct chest size to start with as the strap is only elasticated at the rear. When you try it on take some really deep lungfuls to check you have enough room to breathe during exertion.


Fabric: Lycra R, CoolMax C
Fastening: rear, 3 hooks
Weight: 69g (size 34D)
Sizes: 32-40 D-G
Colours: white, black
Made in Tunisia and Morocco

Verdict: Buy it if you have large boobs and don’t want any bounce during walking and other more high-impact activities.