Ring Cyba-Lite Sensor (2012)

As the Ring Cyba-Lite Sensor’s name suggests, this headtorch has a motion control sensor built into it so you simply need to sweep your hand across the front of it to turn it on or off. This sounds like a good idea, but in use I found it rather irritating as you need to move your hand in just the right way to make it work, and I soon reverted to using the manual switch, which is thankfully also provided. The manual button is not pronounced enough to be ideal for use with gloves, but it does provide a positive action with normal use. Another interesting feature is the focusing ring, which allows you to control the width of the beam by manually moving a slider. It’s a good feature and works well. The light output itself is good although it tends to be quite focused, which creates a bright, well-lit area that suddenly merges into a dark unlit area, while others have a smoother decay that provides a little more ambient light. The Ring Cyba-Lite Sensor has red LEDs for assisting night vision, but no battery power indicator. Changing batteries is easy, thanks to a well-designed housing. The tilt mechanism is reasonable too.


Bulb 1 x high output white LED; 2x red LED

Brightness 100 lumens

Maximum beam 55 metres

Minimum burn time 80 hours

Batteries 3xAAA

Battery charge indicator no

Weight with batteries 108g

Website www.ringautomotive.co.uk



The sensor feature is not as impressive as expected, but the focusing ring is good and in general the Ring Cyba-Lite Sensor offers decent performance for camping and hillwalking.


Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine February 2012