Reware Powerpocket 12 watt Folding Solar Panel

When opened out this unit has eight solar panels spread across its 67x44cm design, yet it packs really small concertina-wise. At 360g it is a reasonable weight too when you consider the 12W output. The panels are flexible, unlike the lowest-priced options, while the folding design means the solar panels are protected from being scratched. A bunch of cables allow this unit to plug into the standard 12V connectors, and you can even use it to charge your car battery thanks to a pair of clamps. On the hill it’s too large to easily dangle from your rucksack, so this is best kept for static use at campsites, bothies or bivvies.


Power output: 12W
Charging time: 1-3 hours for most applications
Packed size: 13x23x1.9cm
Weight: 360g

Verdict: Best for travelling relatively light while maintain lots of recharging power.