Regatta Hydration Bladder 2 litre

At less than a tenner, this hydration system is a mouth-watering proposition. It has a lockable bite valve to prevent drips, and the unit did not leak under our 20kg load test. There is a simple screw opening and it all looks like a workable design. But the screw cap is small, so filling and cleaning is not easy. Also the bite valve kept coming off the end of the feeder pipe. The taste of the water was very ‘clinical’ and not very palatable.


Materials: polyurethane
Capacity: 2 litres
Weight: 150g
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 340; Wales 26; Scotland 56; Ireland 56

Verdict: Buy it if you are prepared to tolerate the taste and poor features to save the price of a bottle of spring water.