Raidlight Dual Chamber (2013)

RaidLight’s Dual Chamber is an unusual beast. The bladder is divided into two sections that sit back to back, the idea being that you put water in one and energy drink in the other. These chambers have separate snap closures but share a ‘fold and slide’ lock. The two tubes that leave the bladder meet at a locking valve. This valve allows you to turn off the fluid, select which liquid you want, or have a mixture of both. The lock is chunky and stiff to operate, and in combination with the twin hoses that makes the tubing rather heavy and unwieldy. Although there’s no quick-release valve, the hoses can be unscrewed easily from the bladder. This and the wide opening makes cleaning the Raidlight Dual Chamber easy – especially important given that it’s designed with sticky energy drinks in mind. The bite valve itself is quick-release, which seems rather unnecessary, but doesn’t come with a cover. Water from the bladder tastes slightly artificial, but the effect is subtle and by no means a showstopper.

Capacity 2 x 1.5 litres
Dry weight 270g
Material polyurethane
Other sizes none


The Raidlight Dual Chamber is a clever and unique design that works well; but unless you really need the dual chamber feature the weight and fiddlyness of operation might put you off.

Review by Ben Weeks
First published in Trail magazine September 2013