RaidLight Dual Chamber (2014)

Somewhat specialist but certainly unique, the RaidLight Dual Chamber allows you to fill your hydration system with two different fluids stored in back-to-back 1.5 litre reservoirs, then regulate which – or how much of each – makes it to the mouthpiece. The idea clearly has energy drinks in mind, and for runners and endurance walkers no doubt has appeal. Easy to clean and strip down, it’s a bit clunky and is perhaps a solid step towards a new idea rather than its ultimate execution, but it’s definitely worth considering if the idea floats your boat. For concerns about personal safety, we cannot recommend use with red wine.

Capacity 3 litres (2 x1.5 litres)
Weight (empty) 240g
Other sizes? no


The RaidLight Dual Chamber is best for long distance users.

Review by Simon Ingram
First published in Trail magazine July 2014