Quo Digital Mapping Solutions 2010

Head to the Mapyx website (www.mapyx.com) and you can download Quo Digital Mapping Solutions for free along with demo slices of OS mapping. While Mapyx is a late arrival to the market they have clearly refined their proposition to compete with the market leaders. So this is an extremely well thought through package geared towards the needs of walkers. Mapyx doesn’t sell CDs so you purchase all your mapping online and these can be bought in very small chunks, offering good value for money (prices start at just under £7 for six tiles of 40km2 1:50,000 mapping). Once you have actually bought some maps, you are ready to start route planning, and this proves to be exceptionally easy thanks to the straightforward interface. The system toggles automatically between different scales of mapping as you zoom in and out, offering an excellent 3D viewing system to give you a clear idea of the terrain. But trip data on the route card is needlessly tricky, with terms like ‘Total Air Distance’ and ‘Total DTM Distance’ suggesting this needs some refinements from end users. It doesn’t have the same viewing options as Anquet’s system, and the maps can only be bought online.

Access DVD
Platform PC, pocket PC and smartphone

It’s worth remembering that all these companies pay the same Ordnance Survey licensing fees, so costs in the long term will probably even out. Even so this system is good value for money for new entrants to the market who want to start small, and it is definitely up with the leading digital mapping software systems, making it a good option. It won the ‘Best Value’ accolade in our test.

Review by Jeremy Ashcroft
First published in Trail magazine March 2010