Quechua A200 (2014)

Quechua is currently creating some pretty big waves in the UK thanks to its expanding range of decent-quality outdoor kit at affordable prices. This self-inflating mat, although the bulkiest featured in our review, falls right into both categories. Serious wild campers will be put off by the size and weight (1234g) because it’s really too big to carry in your rucksack, but it’s perfect for car camping. The A200 self-inflates to a level that only requires a few extra puffs, and at 195cm is plenty long enough to accommodate even the lankiest walkers. If you’re looking for a comfortable kip at a bargain price, look no further.

Dimensions 195x57x3.5cm
Packed weight 353g
Repair kit/pump? no/no

Buy the Quechua A200 if you want campsite comfort.

Review by Oli Reed
First published in Trail magazine April 2014